Computer Floors, Inc. can provide all suitable accessories for your project requirements, whether you need Floor Boxes, Grommets, Air Diffusers, or Custom Railings.
The ASM RFB 100 Smart-Box is a Power, Voice and Data Box Constructed of a high grade galvanized steel frame 2 mm thick, with a virtually indestructible Lexan lid. The RFB100 box can be supplied empty for site installation of outlets or pre-wired with a customized variety of electrical, voice or data outlets to meet every requirement.
The ASM Smart-Air Diffuser is a low velocity air diffuser. Designed for use in an access floor system using the under floor area as a pressurized supply air plenum. The attractive turbine patterned face produces a low velocity helical discharge pattern that achieves a high induction rate of conditioned air, obtaining optimum circulation and human comfort conditions.
Grommets and trims allow for simple connection of electronics through clean and attractive cut-outs. The face of the grommet slides to provide for cable adjustment. We offers an array of grommets and trims designed to give professional office space a clean-lined finish. They are available in both round and rectangular configurations.
KoldLok® Grommets - By installing KoldLok® Raised Floor Grommets, you can optimize the effectiveness of your existing cooling equipment and manage the increasing heat loads. The patented KoldLok® sealing system specifically addresses bypass airflow and its detrimental effects on data center cooling.
Lifting Devices - We offer a variety of lifting devices, including double suction cup and airflow panel lifters - designed to make installations and alterations simple. They can be easily stored in Lifter Wall Mount Brackets.
Railings - We offer both floor mounted and wall mounted rails. Railings are custom designed and fabricated to accommodate any layout and function. We also have a veriety of mounting options such as surface mounts and speed mounts.