As the energy needs increase for today’s high powered servers so does the heat load that they produce.  That’s why, today more than ever, the need for high velocity grating panels and perforated panels exist.  Computer Floors is capable of accommodating the air flow requirements for all data centers new and old.
ASM AF250 perforated panel is part of a series of air flow panels. It has a free area of 25% for high volume air flow. The AF250 comes with or without mechanical dampers and is completely interchangeable with FS-Series and S-Series panel systems. AF250 Performance Chart
ASM AF500 Accel-Air aluminum air flow grate. With its 56% free open area, it is the best air flow panel in the industry when it comes to moving air. It come standard with powder coated epoxy finish. The Accel-Air Grate is the best solution for creating "cold" aisles for your server and equipment rooms to ensure no overheating. AF500 Performance Chart
Infinity Air-Stream and Max-Air are heavy duty 24" x 24" perforated steel floor panels that can adapt into virtually every access floor system ever made. With a massive open areas, the Infinity Air Grates deliver over three times the cold air flow of other perforated panels along with the strength to support a static load up to 1,500lb.