Computer Floors, Inc. has the containment products to protect your servers and keep energy cost down. Custom containment doors and pods can be made to fit any application. We also offer containment curtains and gap fillers to increase the effectiveness of you cooling system. Custom signage and corporate logos can also be designed and applied to any door.
Containment Doors - We offer both sliding and swinging containment doors that are custom designed and fabricated to fit any space and meet any requirements. Doors feature solid aluminum construction with durable black anodized finish, clear lucite for maximum visibility and light transfer, and no floor track in aisle so equipment can be move easily. Custom designs can allow for side panels of cabinets and RPPs to be fully accessible. Doors can be mounted to cabinets or be self supporting.
Containment Pods - Rolling containment brings containment to all parts of the data center. Pods can be used for isolated cabinets, trouble " Hot Spot Areas", or for temporary equipment. Pods are self supporting and can be moved and used any where in a data center. Pods feature solid aluminum construction with durable black anodized finish and clear lucite for maximum visibility and light transfer.
AirBlock Data Center Doors and Curtains - Simplex designed their AirBlock line of doors to meet the challenges of hot aisle and cold aisle isolation in the data center. All sliding and swinging door models offer optimum performance. AirBlock curtains modular design allows for easy installation and expansion. Curtains adhere to all fire and safty standards.
AirBlock Filler Panels and Flexible Gap Seals - Increase cooling efficiency in your data center by closing off those odd gaps between racks with Filler Panels and those hard-to-seal gaps of a half-inch to six inches between server racks with Flexible Gap Seals. The result--drastically reduced energy costs and added capacity in your data center.