Green Alternatives
To reduce the environmental impact of construction in our society, Computer Floors, Inc. is very active in “green” building and construction. We feel the utmost attention should be directed to reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, before, during and post-construction.

Computer Floors, Inc. has a LEED® A.P. USGBC-NY member on staff who is authorized to provide an AIA accredited seminar on Indoor Environmental Quality and Underfloor Air. Computer Floors, Inc. is one of the sponsors of the U.S. Green Building Salon by NYS EBA.

While working together with building owners, architects and contractors, our aim is to provide energy efficient cost savings and alternative ways to use access flooring. We employ a recycling program that enables carpet and access flooring construction and demolition debris to be recycled. This process can result in 100% of the access flooring becoming “Post-Consumer” recycled. We use “solvent free” adhesives to eliminate VOC in the workplace. Computer Floors, Inc. is a proud distributor of ASM Modular/Access Floor products which contain recycled steel in their access floor panels.

Computer Floors, Inc. is in the forefront working with the building owners, architects and contractors for healthy sustainable buildings. Many LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points can be earned through the use of underfloor air, especially in energy reduction. IAQ, Controllable Systems, Thermal Comfort, etc. result in a healthier and more productive workplace and cost savings to the end user.

ASM’s ESW (Environmental Systems Workstage) takes into effect access flooring, wire management and “plug & play” modular power. Working together with ASM, we make it possible to change the construction of the conventional office which typically limits the change of office configuration such as fixed HVAC structure, cable conveyance, ceiling consideration and piping. The ESW process completely integrates the technical requirements of occupant health, comfort and environmental efficiencies into a cost effective and completely flexible system.