Computer Floors, Inc. can provide a suitable product for your Office Space project requirements, whether you need computer flooring in a small conference room or to fit out an entire building.
FS Series - Our best seller, the FS-Panel system, is constructed of a welded structural steel assembly designed to accommodate ultimate and dynamic loads. Its specially formulated cementitious fill and powder coated epoxy finish gives the FS panel a quiet and solid feel underfoot. Panel systems are available in both 24" x 24" and 600mm x 600mm. FS-Series Performance Guide
MC Series - The ASM MC125 Panel is constructed of a high density composite core encased in a sheet metal shell. The MC Systems offer high performance characteristics in a fair valued product. Its solid feel and light weight offers an economical solution to your access floor needs. MC-Series Performance Guide
Quick-Loc Support System - The Quick-Loc Pedestal is the only pedestal that supports the panel on both the flange and the beam. This design transfers the load to the center axis of the pedestal where it is supported by the vertical shaft of the pedestal. The load is transferred directly down the center of the pedestal column. This eliminates rocking which can happen when a standard flat head pedestal supports the beam of the panel.
Accessories - We also offer additional computer floor accessories such as panel lifters, electrical boxes, cutout trim, replacement edge trim, fascia, ramps, steps, railings in addition to any other accessories required for a complete computer floor system. Please visit the accessories page for more information.