Computer Floors, Inc. has the containment partitions to protect your workers and keep your productivity high while keeping cost down. Custom containment partitions can be made to fit any application and attach to a wide range of surfaces. Containment partitions are an essential component to maintaining social distancing standards allowing your facility to remain open.
Containment Partitions - Field flexible partitions are an exciting solution to the current need for separation screen and physical barriers needed for any office application. The partitions can attach to the floor, be hung from the ceiling over head, or be mounted to the top of desks and other furniture using the base plate or angle brackets.
Features & Benefits of Containment Partitions - Containment Partitions are extremely useful in facility conversions to create individual areas where social distancing standards cannot be maintained. Containment Partitions are fully customizable, cost effective, easy to install, and easy to clean. Partition framing is available in black, white, or grey and the panel can either be clear or opaque.