Computer Floors, Inc. has all the product to complete any Office Space or Data Center raised flooring job, including floor panels, pedestals, stingers, and fasteners. We also offer everything needed to keep your space cool and efficient with our Air Flow Panels and Containment Product. Computer Floors can also provide you with all the accessories need to complete your project, including panel lifters, electrical boxes, railings, and many more.
Office Space Products make it possible for you to help the environment with green building technology. High strength cement fill, along with steel designed in the corners where it is needed, gives ASM the best corner panel loading in the industry.
Data Center Products offer protection for your servers and data. Data center design has jumped leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. Exceed raised floor requirements with ASM.
Air Flow Panels allow you to keep servers cool with under floor air. What ever your cooling or weight load requirements, we have a panel for you.
Containment Products which include both doors and pods will improve the energy efficiency of a data center. Doors and pods can be custom made to fit any size and application.
Accessories allow you to customize your raised floor with electrical boxes or grommets to meet any of your office or data center needs. Accessories also include panel lifting devices and handrails.